Ice Cream vs. Gelato

In America, the first question we often get is what is the difference between ice cream and gelato?  We always respond by saying gelato is more dense, creamier, more flavorful, and that it only contains half the fat of ice cream.  Many believe that more fat means a creamier product.  The opposite is true. 

Gelato and ice cream are normally sold by volume such as a scoop, a pint, or a quart.  We believe they should be sold by weight, as your typical pint of ice cream would weigh only about half that of a pint of our gelato.  Traditional ice cream contains 15 to 25 percent butterfat, while gelato is in the 6 to 8 percent range.  More fat in the mixture means that more air will incorporate into the end frozen product.  Traditional ice cream has 100% or more air in it, while our gelato contains only about 10%.  Less air means more ingredients resulting in a richer, more dense, more flavorful, and creamier product.    

True artisan “Old World” gelato, like Gemma produces is made completely from scratch by skilled artisans.   Old World requires use of all-natural ingredients and hot process methods of production.  Commercial ice cream is usually made in large factories with pre-made mixes, powders, flavors, colorants and artificial emulsifiers and stabilizers.   Gelato is made with fresh ingredients in small batches and delivered to market shortly after being produced.

Gelato is more expensive than ice cream, but you are getting so much more in each serving.

Our gelato is made with lots and lots of love – and not so much butter fat. It actually contains only half the fat of ice cream. This may sound a bit counterintuitive since gelato is creamier than ice cream. The ingredients used in gelato production and the slower speed at which it is turned produce smaller ice crystals, less air and more densely packed molecules. The end result is a smoother, healthier and more flavorful product.

Compare our nutritional label to that of a leading premium ice cream producer below:

ice cream vs gelato